The 2nd Sex and the 7th Art: Women Directors in Film


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Lauren Tracy has had many new developments with her project - and we continue to follow her progress. If you can't wait for the documentary check it out yourself!

And we also have another key element helping with the research and development portion of the film. Director Maria Giese, who has been an advocate for female filmmakers as well as a successful filmmaker in her own right, has agreed to be a consultant on the film and help to tell the story not only from the up and coming filmmaker's perspective (which Lauren's story continues to do) but also through the lens of women who have been working in the traditional studio system.


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Women have been directing films in the United States since the beginning of the industry. In the nineteen teens Lois Weber was one of the highest paid directors in Hollywood, male or female. However, in mainstream culture much is made of how few female directors there are and little is known of their place in history - and even their triumphs in contemporary culture. Making movies is a challenging endeavor but there are challenges still specific to gender, hopefully that is changing. This year, for the first time in history, fifty percent of the narrative films in competition at Sundance were directed by women. By following Lauren through the making of her film Sweet Desert Palm I hope to elucidate some of the challenges and the changing landscape of movie making for women while also hearing the voices of other women who have succeeded in making movies despite directing being a male dominated field.